Tangible's 2 Minute Tea...Yesterday was HISTORY...tomorrow is a MYSTERY...today is a GIFT!

Ever wonder why they call it the PRESENT? Everyday we get a chance to make the most of this beautiful opportunity God has given us to share our love with the world. To find happiness and feel joy and to just be Present in the moment. TODAY is GOD's GIFT to us. It is not promised to all but if we are fortunate enough to receive it, we must take full advantage to not disappoint.

Have you ever settled down at night and thought to yourself..."where did the day go?", wondering what happened and what did you get accomplished because it all seemed to be a blur. I'm guilty of that. There is a saying..."stop and smell the roses". We rush through our days in a hurry to get it over and start another that we don't take time to pause and take a moment to take it all in. To really be #PRESENT in the moment and reflect on things in real time. To be grateful for every second and truly experience every encounter we have with the world no matter how small the encounter. We really don't understand the need to appreciate the #GIFT of #TODAY, to understand that it is truly a big deal and really take the time to make the most of it and enjoy #LIFE.

It is not too late for those of us that are blessed to receive the GIFT of TODAY, we get another chance to show the world just how amazing we are. We get another chance to simply say...THANK YOU...and share ourselves, our LOVE with the world. Another chance to do a GOOD DEED that will tip the only scale that matters in our favor. What will you do with your GIFT today... will you be PRESENT?

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