Tangible's 2 Minute Tea...#LOVE

I know it's been a while since my last post and I noticed I seemed to say that each time I post something ...lol...and each time I make a promise to myself that I will do better and stick to my posting schedule only to go weeks, even months between posts. Why? Why do I continue to fall short of my commitment to post? Why do I fall short of my commitment to do anything I don't follow through on? Well, as I sat on my patio and gazed at the sky, I had so many thoughts that I wanted to share but didn't have my laptop, no pen and paper, no recorder, no phone...nothing to capture my thoughts as I was having them. While the fire was at its brightest inside me wanting to spew out into the universe, I had nothing to capture it and crystalize it for later use and sharing.

By the time I picked up my laptop or phone or grabbed a pen and pad...the fire was gone. I didn't even feel like sharing a post, and I didn't even remember what I wanted to share. The passion, LOVE...FIRE was gone.

After doing this a few times (sitting on the patio, gazing at the sky without my tools to capture my thoughts) I decide to change my behavior. I LOVE sharing my thoughts with the world and I LOVE giving others a spark of my FIRE to help ignite theirs. I vowed to never sit on the patio without my tools again...hence this post!

When you do things from your HEART and it comes from a place of LOVE, nothing can keep the FIRE from burning and spreading for all to see and feel. LOVE is the one thing that no one can withstand and nothing in the world can compare to its power. No wicked evil darkness can grow where there is LOVE.

"LOVE- she was Sheild and Armour, Sword and the Rose of the World. LOVE- she was the Only Law, entitled to subordinate all existing norms and rules to herself. LOVE- she is always right, because she comes from the Heart that blazes with the Fire of Divine Wisdom. Love waits...She waits for everyone, patiently loyal to all who comes to her. She prepares everyone a generous gift, and one who comes to her receives one's own little touch of warmth, a treasure that cannot be gauged by any measure. Love cannot be betrayed; she does not brook treachery, nor is she ever fickle towards those whom she loves. She is fiercely obedient to her own unwritten Law- to love; and her LOVE is eternal" (Dushkova 47).

LOVE is my motivating force to share my thoughts, feelings, knowledge through posts with the world. I do all things from my HEART and from a place of LOVE. When it's something that I LOVE to do...I tend to do it often and with great detail and accuracy. I'm sure it's the same for all of you. Think about it...think about something that you absolutely LOVE to do and how often you do it and if you do it better than other things. Yep...that's LOVE! So, if it's something you want to accomplish no matter the size of the feat from cooking or cleaning to writing a novel or even posting on your blog and having trouble staying on task and getting it done, add a little LOVE in the mix...you will be amazed at how exuberant you will feel before, during and after it’s done!

This world will not peacefully and happily progress in evolution without LOVE.

Patty T.




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