I needed to go shopping for an occasion that was 2 weeks out. I put it off far too long and had no choice but to run out and grab a few things from the store. I needed to go to the restroom and stopped by a restaurant and as soon as I walked in I noticed someone at a table choking! I quickly engaged them, performed the Heimlich maneuver and all was well. The manager said "thank God you came in...that was perfect timing." I replied "no, that was GOD's Timing which is always Perfect!".

Have you ever noticed when things happen at unexpected times we say "wow, perfect timing", or when we want something to happen and it don't, then one day it happens when we least expect it and we say " wow, perfect timing". Well, let me tell you...God is so supportive of us that everything God does is timed down to the smallest fraction of time, #Planck time, in order to support us. From the beginning of creation, things were timed perfectly, the cosmos, the aligning of the planets, the rising and setting sun, life and even death. Timing is everything. Think about what could happen if this timing was off by even a second, how devastated things could be. Sometimes when we do things or we rush to make something happen because we want it to happen right at that moment, it don't always turn out how we anticipated. Sometimes it has a devastating effect on us, a true disaster created by OUR own hands. Then we sit back and wonder what happened when things go wrong because we were sure we had it right. We have all heard the saying over and over again..."Timing is everything". But it's not our timing that we need to wait on...It's God's Timing. I have learned to be patient and wait on God' Timing. When I have patience and wait on God's Timing, the reward is always greater than I had ever imagined. So remember the next time you say..."perfect timing"...say it's "God's Timing...which is always Perfect!".

The next #fullmoon is July 23 AT 10:37PM EST...called the #BUCKMOON...because this is the time of the year when new antlers begin to grow on the bucks head. Set your #crystals and #stones out under the #moonlight for recharging and also, go outside and raise your arms to the #moon and embrace the loving healing energizing light the moon has to give us! If you are unable to go outside...set your crystals in the window sill over night for recharging and sit in a chair by the window facing the moonlight to give yourself a little charge!

Patty T.





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