Tangible 2 Minute Tea...

How are you all holding up during this Coronavirus Pandemic? I originally started Tangible Home Care to provide loving, passionate assistance to clients and families in need. Just as McDonald's didn't set out to sell burgers but real-estate...Tangible's mission has always been to provide real support to patients and families and now with the ever-changing challenges of todays medicine...Tangible will incorporate in it's services Reiki and Crystal Healing with a Certified Master Healer in order to serve all...stay tuned!

Each post, I will share with you one of my favorite crystals or stones and how I use it in my every day life. If you know me then you already know they are all my favorites...so I will start with the beautiful Amethyst. Amethyst is a powerful high frequency, high vibration, protective stone that has strong cleansing and healing properties. When I need to calm myself or feel stressed I sit close to my Amethyst and meditate. I have quit a few pieces of Amethyst with the most recent from #CosmicCuts...a beautiful 10.75 lbs. geode that sits in the entry of the living room. She welcomes everyone into our space with her beautiful deep purple hexagonal crystals...simply breathtaking. I also recently received a beautiful Amethyst crystal point necklace from my friends at #Mindfulsouls. If you don't have any Amethyst in your life, you must get some today!

Benefits of Amethyst...soothes the mind, decrease stress, has sobering effects from drugs and alcohol, increase intelligence, and protects from psychic attack and disease. Amethyst also purifies the aura of negative energy with its high frequency.

I wear Amethyst when I need to get my creative juices flowing.

Because of Amethyst high vibrations...avoid putting it too close to your bed, particularly by your head...you may have a hard time sleeping!

Until next time...#biglove

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