What a beautiful morning...for some time now, I have been waking up and spending the first hour or so in meditation. Cleansing and opening my main seven Chakra Energy Centers and letting go of all the thoughts, worries, fears, attachments and pain known to me. Sometimes it feel so amazing to connect to the Universe that I don't want to come out of my meditative state. The Love from the Universe is so powerful yet so delicate and sensitive that sometimes that love brings me to tears knowing it has always been there for me and I haven't always known of its existence.

Try lying quietly and letting go of every thought, every thought of every thing, person, possession you have and only allow yourself to be present with the Universe...truly allow the Universe to cover you, enter you, become you and you it. Oh my God...I have chills just thinking about these words i'm typing. The Love from the Universe is greater than any love I know and trust me...I am loved!

Today, fall in love with someone or somethings' energy and not the physical form. Energy never dies, never leaves, it's always there. Think about a 69 Camaro...if you ever owned one you know how amazing it is but you don't possess it anymore. Although the physical car is gone...when you think about it, you can feel the energy of it and feel yourself still surrounded by it almost as if it's still there. Think about a loved one you've lost...either to death or a break-up. If you let go of the thought of the physical form of this person and embrace the energy form...you will notice the pain easing away. Although the physical form is gone, the energy is always there. It has simply changed forms.


It's a full moon...The Hunter's Moon...which is the 2nd full moon in October this year (the Harvest Moon was the 1st). This moon is called a Blue Moon...not because of it's color but because it's the 2nd full moon of the month (a Blue Moon can also occur when it's the 3rd Full Moon in a season). October's 2nd full moon is called a Hunter's Moon because at this time of year humans and animals began to stock up on their food in preparation for a long winter ahead. So while you are stocking up for the winter...don't forget to set your crystals out and let them charge in the beautiful Hunter's Moonlight!!!

Until next time...Stay Charged up!

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